Surprise-In-A-Box Champions Are Pleased to Introduce You to…

Technically, that’s their professional name:

They are an amazing group of very highly specialized people. If you’ve got mold in your life, they’re the ones you need.

They are owned an operated by Mr. Parnell Hall, a man who is known to all his highly satisfied clients as an excellent mold removal technician, and a god fearing man who is deeply aboveboard and honest.

If you call Atlanta Mold and Cleaning, their first step will be to send a technician out to speak with you.

He will ask you a list of closely focused questions so that he can get a grip on exactly what your problem is.

Then he will go over your property with a fine tooth comb looking for any signs of mold that can be visibly seen.

Oftentimes, the mold which is present cannot be seen with the eye, but Atlanta Mold and Cleaning have technologies by which they can detect its presence.




They also have technologies which enable them to detect water sources that may be hidden.

After Atlanta Mold and Cleaning has thoroughly and completely analyzed your situation, they will start to contain the mold.

They will use a number of different containment procedures, including such things as negative air chambers, whose purpose is to physically seal off all contaminated areas.

Negative air pressure will keep mold spores from spreading, and so many times they will use that.

And to make sure that the spores don’t start spreading, they will turn off all fans, and also any heating systems or cooling systems.

How quickly the mold can be removed depends upon two things: the types of surfaces to which the mold is adhereing, and the total amount of mold which is there.

After removing the mold, they will apply several different anti-microbial and fungal treatments.

They will also, if necessary, remove any and all materials that are infested with mold, including such things as carpeting and drywall, and properly dispose of them.